I’m Lisa Paige.  I create my textile art at my studio in Grass Valley, California and have been selling my work since 2003.

I am mostly self-taught as far as design and sewing skills are concerned, and I also have a degree in Zoology.  Studying biology instilled in me a great respect for the elegance, complexity, and tenacity of living things.  There are amazing processes occurring all around us!  I am drawn to natural themes and often include elements from nature in my work.

Sewing techniques include:  free motion quilting, applique, sculpted fabric, couching, thread painting, and needle felting. Additional embellishments are created with beading, fabric painting, metalwork, polymer clay, burning synthetics, and the occasional woodworking challenge!  Some pieces incorporate extra layers with imbedded wire, which allows them to be somewhat sculpted, adding greater dimension to an otherwise flat wall piece.  My work features many curved design elements which impart a sense of movement; these are enhanced by the interaction of many layers and textures.  These techniques are accomplished with both machine and hand work.

Textile art has endured through the ages.  People have been expressing themselves in textiles and fibers for thousands of years in both practical and ceremonial expressions - from simple mud dyed designs to intricate weavings.  We are surrounded by textiles our whole life, and there is something about the tactile nature of fabrics and fibers that draws us in.  I am proud to be a part of this ongoing tradition.

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